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As a self-proclaimed sapiosexual who knows her Myers-Briggs personality type (INFJ) and Enneagram (4w3) results by heart, I find intelligence an incredibly attractive trait in a partner. I’m not too concerned with my partner’s level of education, but his daily habits, personality, and the way he conducts himself in a relationship must be aligned with my needs. EliteSingles provides all of that information along with various other features.

Matchmaking & Search Functions

EliteSingles’ matchmaking brings you highly suitable matches based on results of the 5 Factor Personality Test. As mentioned, the test identifies your key personality traits along with chances for long-term compatibility with other members. For instance, in addition to identifying whether you prefer tidiness, you’re also asked how important this trait is in a future partner. Once the site finds demographic and personality traits to be a match, it suggests members to one another.

The job titles of the matches you’re given are all extremely smart and successful, including but not limited to research scientists, molecular technologists, and engineers.

In addition, paid members can browse additional profiles through the “have you met” feature. This feature introduces members who may not have appeared in the usual daily matches.

Finally, “wildcard matches,” similar to the swipe function on other popular dating apps, present you with blurred photos as well as the name, age, location and full profile of members. Shared traits are highlighted to help you make a decision on whether to accept or pass on the match.

Find Love on EliteSingles
I’ve always said that I wanted to develop an app for sapiosexuals and nerds, but I suppose it’s already been in existence and I just didn’t know it yet. EliteSingles is definitely a viable dating app for anyone who needs someone to stimulate their mind and hold a decent conversation aside from what the weather is like and how your day was. EliteSingles sends you highly relevant matches based on your personality and preferences, cutting out wasted time looking through thousands of profiles. If you’re looking to connect with someone special, it’s worth giving EliteSingles a go.

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