Why is it worth meeting new people?

How often do you meet new people?

People are everything. They make it all happen. They inspire us, they bring their gifts by sharing their knowledge, and together, we create cool things.
We live in a world where to bring your ideas to life you need to focus on your strength and delegate the rest to others.
There are a lot of people in this world and there’s gotta be someone out there who can help you overcome your challenges.
For every problem you
But to make it, you need the people. And not the same people you already know.
The truth is, your resources and potentials are limited to your network. But there’s a way to expand your circle and reach new possibilities.
You should always meet new people. Easy right? 

The problem is, how do you find these people?

You see, your existing circle can’t offer you much more than what you already know. It’s time to go beyond that.
The more you wish to create, the more you need to meet new people. But you also need to know how to work with other people.
You never know “who knows who” and “who does what” until you meet people in person and get into a conversation with them.
By meeting and talking with new people you create an opportunity to solve your problems while solving other people’s problems.
It’s worth mentioning that this only works when it’s a win-win situation. No one wins or you all win.
When you meet new people you can talk about your challenges and get real feedback. Because they don’t know about your past, there’s no prejudgment in place.
Also, by sharing your challenges with other people they can share with you contacts of other people or possible resources. 

But how do you start?

First, you make a list of the people you want to meet. Don’t worry about how that’s going to happen but be somewhat realistic. You can then rank your list based on importance of people.
Next, you need a way to bring them together. There’s so much value in meeting new and like-minded people that it’s an easy sell to invite them to a dinner.
Everyone likes to meet new people, especially if they are working on a project or an idea. You can never have enough help and getting that help starts with meeting new people.
Volunteering is the most effective way for meeting awesome new people while creating value. When you get to work with other people, you expand your circle as a result.
Another great way to meet new people is by organizing events.
Either join a recurring event you like or start one of your own. Curate the people you wish to meet and invite them to your events.
Meeting new people is by far one of the best use of your time. But you need some filtering in place so you can only meet the people who lift you up.
I hope this has inspired you to get out of your building, go out and start meeting some new people. Try to be helpful to them and watch the magic happen.